Kelsey & Don

April 11, 2017

Kelsey and Don are getting married!

My story with these two is probably one of my favorites. One day while I was mindlessly scrolling through Twitter, my friend Ryan retweeted a photo of these two lovebirds that had just been engaged (on a yacht… San Francisco….no big deal). Normally, I’m going to continue scrolling thinking “Wow, they’re gorgeous — wish they were my wedding clients!” but on that day, I thought, “Eh, why not take a shot?” So I replied to the tweet with “They tryna hire a wedding photographer or….?”

One thing led to another and Kelsey and I became really good friends after I sent that tweet. We texted, we set up shoots together after she signed with Sculp Agency in Little Rock as a model, and we bonded over an intense love for terrible dance moves to Beyonce (I’m telling you, I will drop it low like no other to some Beyonce at a photoshoot — you’ve been warned!).

Shooting these two was a dream, not only because they’re DROP. DEAD. GORGEOUS. but also because the love they have for each other is infectious. My face hurt from smiling, my non-existent abs were aching from laughing so much, and my heart was full from witnessing these two spend a few hours just immersing themselves in each other and enjoying their time together as I snapped away to capture some moments. I witness a lot of love, y’all, but these two were something else. There’s no question that they’re number one in each others’ hearts when you meet them.

I can’t wait to fly with these two to Paris in May (I know, I’m freaking out, too..) and watch them exchange vows in the most beautiful city in the world. Below are some of my favorites, I hope you enjoy — leave them some love!

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